Mayfly Tackle News and New Products



Magnitude clear floating fly lines

Using naturally buoyant polymers, Scientific Anglers have created the next generation of clear floating lines. Their new DuraCoat material leverages advanced dual-polymer design to optimize line performance.

Helios™ Premium Fly Rods

Fishing with the best just got better. This Helios generation outpaces, outmatches, and outperforms any other fly rod you can find, even the pioneering H3 designs.

Understanding Welded Loops on Fly Lines

Understanding welded loops and how to properly use them! R&D manager Josh Jenkins gives some useful tips on extending the life of your welded loops.

The Anatomy of a Fly Line

What components make up a fly line? In this video SA's R&D manager Josh Jenkins reviews the anatomy of a fly line and what makes Scientific Anglers lines the slickest and most durable fly lines on the market today.