Mayfly Tackle News and New Products



Fishpond Ridgeline Tech Pack and Ridgeline Backpack

For those who go prepared, the choice between a vest and backpack often comes down to what you can afford to leave behind. Now, compromise is a thing of the past.

Fishpond Quikshot 2.0 Rod Holder

Having the right tool for the job when you need it is crucial for success. This is why Fishpond have designed a system that keeps your fully rigged rods at the ready, and completely out of your way while fishing.

Absolute Nylon versus Fluorocarbon

How do you choose between Absolute Nylon or Fluorocarbon material? Scientific Anglers R&D manager Josh Jenkins breaks down the differences between the two materials and when you should fish each of these.

Scientific Anglers Fly Line Families

With so many different lines available where do you start when looking for a new line? Scientific Anglers R&D manager Josh Jenkins breaks down our Fly Line families and the technology that comes with each of them.

Fresh Water Fly Line Tapers

Scientific Anglers R&D manager Josh Jenkins reviews 3 of the most popular freshwater trout tapers, from big water to small water.

AST and AST+ Line Technology

What makes Scientific Anglers Fly Line the most durable and slickest lines on the market, the short answer is AST and AST+ slickness additives. Josh Jenkins reviews the differences between the two slickness technologies.

Salt Water Fly Line Tapers

Considering going on a saltwater trip and confused by all the options available? Scientific Anglers R&D Manager Josh Jenkins reviews the top choices for Saltwater Fly Line Tapers and how they all differ.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Fly Leader Design

SA R&D manager reviews how we designed Absolute leaders for specific demanding applications. Butt diameters and tippet lengths have been designed to match with specific species and conditions in mind.

Fly Line Twist

At some point we all experience line twist on the water. In this video we will discuss some of the most common causes of fly line twist and how to keep twist from happening in the future.

Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Tippet Options

Scientific Anglers R&D manager Josh Jenkins reviews the Absolute Trout series of nylon and fluorocarbon tippet materials, with 29% higher wet knot strength for nylon and 15% strength gain over previous fluorocarbon.

Understanding Welded Loops on Fly Lines

Understanding welded loops and how to properly use them! R&D manager Josh Jenkins gives some useful tips on extending the life of your welded loops.

The Anatomy of a Fly Line

What components make up a fly line? In this video SA's R&D manager Josh Jenkins reviews the anatomy of a fly line and what makes Scientific Anglers lines the slickest and most durable fly lines on the market today.

Orvis Master Class: How to Fish Jig-head Streamers

There are times when conventional fly-fishing techniques won’t get your fly deep enough. This is the time to use a heavy jig-head streamer. Dave Jensen shows you how to do it. Deadly on large brown and rainbow trout.

Orvis How To: Fine Tuning the Double Haul

Pete Kutzer from the Orvis Fly Fishing school demonstrates some techniques to help us improve our double haul cast. More line speed means more distance and more control.