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HANÁK Competition Leaders


Tapered Monofilament Leader

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Extra-soft, knotless tapered monofilament leaders with ultra-low memory. Developed in collaboration with European and World fly fishing champion Lubos Roza, these leaders are perfect for the delicate presentation of dry flies.


Colours: Clear or Camo (left to right in image)


Size Strength Total length
6X 3lb / 1.4kg 9' / 2.7m
4X 6lb / 2.8kg 9' / 2.7m
2X 8lb / 3.6kg 9' / 2.7m


Tapered Monofilament Czech Nymph Leader

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Knotless tapered monofilament leaders designed specifically for European nymphing situations.


Colours: Clear, Camo or bicolour (left to right in image)

Length Strength Butt Diameter Tip Diameter
15' / 4.5m 8lb / 3.6kg 0.5mm 0.2mm
30' / 9m 8lb / 3.6kg 0.5mm 0.2mm



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