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Aero Dry Wing

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Hollowed polypropylene wing material is lighter than water (specific gravity 0.68), and it never absorbs water. This is an ideal winging material that is also useful for bodies and parachute posts.

Sizes: Standard or Fine (for tiny dry fly wings)

Colours Stocked: (see image)

Col # Colour Standard Fine
01 Fluoro White
02 Fluoro Green
03 Fluoro Orange
04 Fluoro Pink
05 Fluoro Yellow
06 Medium Dun
08 Tan
09 Yellow  
10 Black
11 Insect Green  
13 Cinnamon  
15 Golden Olive  


Versatail II - Medium

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Versatile synthetic tailing fibers. Makes a great substitute for Moose body hair.

Colours: Honey Black Tip, Ginger Black Tip, Blue Dun Black Tip, Brown (left to right in image)


Shimazaki Marshmallow Fiber

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Shimazaki Marshmallow fibers are ideal for making the famed marshmallow body flies. Hollow structure polypropylene, lighter than water and water repellant. Comes in 5.5" lengths.

Colours: Dark Dun, Black, Tan, Cinnamon, Insect Green or Golden Olive (left to right in image)



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