New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool and Wool


NZ Strike Indicator Tool

NZ Strike Indicator Tool

New Zealand anglers fish in some of the most difficult conditions on the planet. So, what better place to design and test a new strike indicator system that gives you more than one chance for a delicate presentation at the proper depth to fool a trophy trout? From tiny mountain streams to big rivers and lakes, more than 20 New Zealand professional guides have tested this system with their customers in all types of weather and found it to be a winner. You will, too!

The innovative design of the New Zealand Strike Indicator Tool makes creating an indicator easy - even for angelrs with poor vision. The hook at the end of the tool catches the leader to allow a wool indicator to be attached to the leader using the supplied perfect tubing. The tool itself can be easily attached to a zinger for convenience and holds enough tubing sleeves for days of fishing. Once on the leader, indicators can easily be moved to suit different water depths or removed when a hatch begins and dry flies are called for. What's more, the Strike Indicator Tool will not damage leaders!

Strike Indicator Wool

Indicator Wool

Our specially sourced and dyed natural wool works extremely well in a variety of conditions. Having researched dozens of wool types and synthetics, this particular wool has been specially selected because of it's wiry, water-shedding properties that allow a perfect float cast after cast. Our ultimate wool material provides a “no-spook” landing and presentation. It fills the indicator sleeve perfectly and can be trimmed to the size you want.

To the attentive fisherman – it provides the ultimate solution for a perfect presentation to difficult fish. Even the most “educated” trout will not spook with this indicator material - especially when the indicator is trimmed to suit the conditions. On spring creeks, tail waters and flat water when casting to working fish we sometimes trim the indicator down to a size 16 dry fly (sometimes even smaller!) - talk about a stealthy presentation! With the sensitivity these wool indicators provide, you will see strikes more quickly and more often.

This 100% natural New Zealand Wool has the perfect properties for a strike indicator - it will float all day due to its natural lanolin content and casts beautifully with almost no wind resistance!

Colours Available:

Stealthy White: fish don't notice this color

Hi-Vis Orange: easy to see in turbulent water

Black: for those days when there's glare and the water surface turns silver/gray - it is amazing how well black works in these conditions

Florescent Green: very bright, easily seen in rough waters - also good to mix with other colors to make high visibility multicolored indicators

Mixed Colour Pack: has all colors - White, Black, Green and Orange

Strike Indicator Wool Dispenser

Wool Dispenser

Our new wool dispenser comes pre-loaded with White, Fluorescent Green, Black and Hi-Vis Orange strike indicator wool – ready to fish. The dispenser’s design is easy to use on the stream, easy to store in pocket and easy to add more wool as the season progresses.

Perfect Indicator Tubing

Perfect Indicator Tubing

The result of years of research and development, this tubing works in warm or cold conditions and is specially manufactured to meet the demanding conditions fishermen face on the water. It provides the perfect size and tension for indicators to hug the leader yet still be moved when desired. Each pack contains three feet of tubing - enough for years of fishing! Two sizes available.

Sizes Available:

Regular Size: handles two size 14 tungsten bead head nymphs or can be trimmed down when delicate presentations are necessary

X-Large Size: perfect if you fish with lots of weight - this size was recently featured by the Gink and Gasoline Blog site!