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Smith Creek Net Holster

We're lucky to live in New Zealand with it's year around world-class fly fishing, and I take full advantage of it. But it can often be a long hike to get to the best water and one day, while untangling my net from a bush for the 100th time, I came up with a better way to carry that all important part of a fly fishing kit.

For years I'd do what one of my professional guide friends did and stuck the net handle in my wading belt behind my back. We've worn many a hole in the back of our waders that way and it's an unwelcome surprise when freezing cold water suddenly runs down your backside, usually in the middle of winter.

A few dozen prototypes and many fishing / field-testing days later (yes, someone had to do it), I'm thrilled with the Net Holster. It works great, and it sure beats trying to clip a net behind your back. My guide friend is still using the prototype I gave him to test a couple of years back.


  • The smart way to carry your net
  • Keeps your net secure and out of the way
  • Adjustable strap fits all nets
  • Hand-crafted in New Zealand

Colours: Green (on left in image), Black (centre in image) or Red (on right in image)


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Smith Creek Net Leash

Developed by Smith Creek® on the water and designed so you’ll never lose your net. Suitable for all types of nets, it works especially well when coupled to a Smith Creek Net Holster™. One end attaches to the nets yoke (hoop-handle junction), where it’s out of the way. The other clips to your Net Holster™ or belt loop.

The leash is 12” long and built tough. The coils are 10mm diameter and the attachment ends are crimped, not welded, for extra strength. And the crimps are rubber coated so they don’t scratch finishes.

Attach the Leash to your net by simply threading the looped end around the bottom of the hoop below the net, then pass the clip and coils through the loop, like a loop to loop connection. Clip other end to your Net Holster or belt loop.

Smith Creek designer Wayne Smith adds: “I’ve never found it a problem, but if you feel the metal clip gets in the way while inserting the handle into Net Holster, simply mount your Holster so the attachment hole is at the bottom. And personally, I remove all clips/hardware from the end of the handle on all my nets.”


  • Suits all types of landing nets
  • Pairs perfectly with the Smith Creek Net Holster
  • 10mm coil diameter for quick, springy retraction
  • Expands to 6 feet in length

Note: Net and Net Holster shown for illustration only - not included with Net Leash


Smith Creek Heavy-Duty Wading Belt

Smith Creek Wading Belts are tough and built to last. Made from 2"/50mm wide heavy duty nylon webbing with high quality YYK buckles and slides. They’re adjustable from 24" to 52" (61cm to 132cm). The webbing is extra thick so it won’t collapse when used to hang gear from. For added safety, the buckle is designed so that it is able to be unclipped under extreme loading.


  • Finest quality workmanship and materials
  • Adjustable to waist sizes from 61cm to 132cm
  • UV resistant materials


Smith Creek Rod Clip

Funny how a new idea can come about. I was showing the guy who cleans my pool the Net Holster video. He's always been curious about what we're cooking up next. Now Jason doesn't fish, but being an observant person he pointed out that while I was in the process of releasing a fish I had my rod, landing net, and the fish all in my hand and how awkward that looked. I told him it was not awkward at all but the normal way of fishing and I've been doing it like that forever. He said I should come up with something to hold my rod and free up my hands. Being busy I brushed it off and didn't think about it until three days later. That's how long it took before it sunk in that he was right.

Once again after months of prototyping and field testing, and with the voice of my Uncle Don resonating in my ears ever since I was eight years old, "darn it Wayne, keep your reel out of the sand," I realised that simple is still best and believe me, some of the ideas and early prototypes weren't that simple.

Once you get used to using it, in less than one day of fishing, you can't live without it. While I was field testng an early zinger its cable broke leaving me without my clip for the rest of the day. I seriously missed it and now won't fish without one. It's a serious piece of gear that works, can't believe I didn't see the need for it myself.


  • Keeps your reel out of the sand, mud and salt
  • Leaves your hands free
  • Anodized marine grade aluminum and UV resistant materials
  • Tested over 50,000 pulls without failing

Colours: Green (on left in image), Blue (centre in image) or Burnt Orange (on right in image)

Note: Designed for use with light outfits up to 13mm diameter and .75kg in weight only


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Smith Creek Spent Line Wrangler

The Smith Creek Spent Line Wrangler™ is a waste tippet, leader and monofilament management system allows you to easily coil and control the waste line that’s created while fishing. It’s the spent-line- wranglerä that allows anglers to coil spent line, then holds it together in their pocket until it’s ready to be trashed. Keeping mono out of the environment helps keep our streams clean.

Smith Creek president/designer Wayne Smith writes: “I see way too much fishing line on the riverbank and I got so tired of re-stuffing spent leaders and tippets back into my vest pocket that I finally designed a tool to make them stay put. And no, I didn’t want another tool hanging from my vest but something simple and slim, which easily fits into my pocket.  This is a serious, easy to use and well made tool.”

Lightweight and rugged, the Spent Line Wrangler™ is made from anodized marine-grade aluminum with stainless steel fasteners.


  • Holds waste fishing line securely and out of the environment
  • Cut coils in half before disposing your line
  • Anodized marine grade aluminum and UV resistant materials

Colours: Burnt Orange (on left in image) or Green (on right in image)


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Smith Creek Rod Rack

The Smith Creek Rod Rack™ is the heavy-duty universal fishing-rod rack for SUV's, Station Wagons and Vans. The innovative and patented racking system holds seven rod and reel combinations overhead out of the way. Easy to use locking shock cord holders secure and support rods without rattles or damage even on the roughest roads.


  • Easy to use
  • Multiple attachment options
  • Tested on hundreds of kilometers of bad roads

Note: Rods and reels shown for illustration only - not included with Rod Rack


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