Ross Rapid Fly Reels


Ross Rapid Reel

Durably built, precision drag system

Ross Reels has always stood for quality fly reels at a reasonable price, and the new Ross Rapid™ is the perfect example of this value. The Ross Rapid™ features a large arbor design that reduces line memory while also facilitating lightning- quick line pickup – something that is vital when trying to keep up with big fish on blistering runs.

The Rapid’s enclosed, infinitely-adjustable super-smooth Rulon® disc drag also protects the lightest of tippet, but also has the reserve power to stop powerful fish. The reverse tapered Delrin handle yields a solid grip, and when coupled with the silent inbound retrieve, they make the Ross Rapid™ a truly unique reel in feel and performance.

Available in AGP Black or AGP Charcoal Grey.

Model Capacity (20lb Dacron) Weight Diameter Width
Rapid 3|4 WF3 + 65 yards 5.61 oz 3.07" 1.03"
Rapid 5|6 WF5 + 100 yards 6.0 oz 3.39" 1.11"
Rapid 7|8 WF8 + 125 yards 6.81 oz 3.78" 1.30"