Renzetti Fly Tying Tools


Renzetti Ruby-tip Bobbin Holder - Standard

Standard Ruby-tip Bobbin Holder (HT106)

The Renzetti Ruby Tip Bobbins are the finest bobbins on the market. Renzetti uses rubies to eliminate the threat of threads fraying or cutting. Ruby provides a much harder and smoother surface than the ceramic materials used in other premium bobbins and is impervious to wear. The unique tapered protrusion ensures maximum thread spool retention and the bobbin’s ruby tip will keep the thread moving smoothly and won’t allow your fly tying thread to cut into the bobbin tube. The Standard Bobbin features a 2 inch tube length and is ideal for most trout flies and smaller saltwater patterns.

Renzetti Rub-tip Bobbin Holder (Saltwater)

Saltwater Ruby-tip Bobbin Holder (HT107)

The Saltwater Bobbin features a 2¾ inch tube to provide greater clearance when tying flies on larger hooks such as bass and saltwater patterns.

Renzetti Hair Stacker

Standard Hair Stacker (HT202)

A hair stacker is used to align the tips of hair cut from a hide. The Standard Hair Stacker has an aluminum base and a brass barrel. The barrel is 1¾ inches long with a ½ inch inside diameter. The brass barrel is perfectly smooth to allow the hair to slide easily. The aluminum base comes with a rubber pad to protect your table.

Renzetti Saltwater Soft Tool Caddy

Soft Tool Caddy (HT310)

The Renzetti Soft Tool Caddy was designed by Andy Renzetti and it is made with special non-skid foam. This tool caddy is like no other. Because of its special foam the tool caddy sits firmly on any surface and its design accommodates any tool.

Note: Tools shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with Soft Tool Caddy.