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At Orvis, we strive to bring you the finest fly-fishing gear in the industry. Our newest line of products blends cutting-edge technology with style and comfort to bring you the best fly-fishing gear on the market. Explore our wide variety of fly-fishing gear and find exactly what you need for your next fly-fishing adventure. Our selection of fly-fishing gear includes wading jackets, fly fishing packsand bags, fly vests and eyewear, as well as tools and accessories so you are prepared when on the water. Dependable gear is something that all fly-fishing enthusiasts need. Orvis products are made from the finest materials and - backed by the Orvis Guarantee. With our large assortment of fly-fishing gear to choose from, we have something valuable for all fly anglers of all abilities.


Orvis Nippers

Orvis Angling Accessories

The most skilled and accomplished artists and craftsmen take pride in the quality of the tools they use to create beautiful works of art. They know that these tools are extensions of themselves and allow the tradesman a level of detail and proficiency that's unmatched when compared to an inferior device. There is always the right tool for a specific job. When on the water, it's our job to enjoy every single minute we are given and every interaction with our angling tools of the trade. We are placing our confidence in the performance and usefulness of the things we carry streamside. Do yourself a favor and get the right tool for the job, so when the time comes you aren't trying to make due with inferior solutions to basic angling problems. After all, your dentist and teeth will appreciate you using nippers or scissor forceps to cut your fishing line; you'll look a lot better in that photo of the fish you spent days or a lifetime trying to catch without having a chipped tooth or line cuts from too many years sitting on the bank chomping on line.

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Orvis Ultralight Wading Jacket

Orvis Clothing

Orvis offers the highest quality technical fishing clothing on the market. By combining cutting edge technology with more than 150 years of experience, our line of fishing clothing will keep you comfortable in all fishing environments. Explore our selection of fishing clothing and find exactly what you need for your next fishing adventure.

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Orvis Madison

Orvis Eyewear

Change the way you look at the water when wearing a pair of these fishing sunglasses. Fishing sunglasses are quite possibly one of the most important pieces of equipment on the water. Not only do sunglasses offer protection from the harmful UV rays, they also assist anglers in picking out fish below the water surface. Our line of fishing sunglasses has you covered for all types of fishing situations. If you are looking for high-performance lens technology with a classic frame style, then look no further. Choose from a variety of lens colors to enhance your vision on the water and start seeing the fish before you cast with our line of polarized fishing sunglasses.

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Orvis/Tacky Collab Dropper Fly Box

Orvis Fly Boxes

Discover a wide assortment of fly boxes designed to help keep you organized while on the water. Choose from floating, adjustable, super-slim and other styles of fly boxes for freshwater and saltwater flies. Our larger fly boxes are great for organizing big baitfish patterns and streamers. The smaller, compact boxes are ideal for keeping your nymphs and dry flies safe and dry.

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Orvis Ultralight Fly Vest

Orvis Fly Vests

Our fishing vests offer something for every angler. Find the perfect fly-fishing vest crafted with plenty of pockets and compartments so that your fishing essentials are organized and close at hand.

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Orvis Retwistable Haywire Bite Guard

Orvis Leaders, Tippet and Accessories

As anglers, we need options. As a leading outfitter, we at Orvis pride ourselves on supplying enthusiasts throughout the world with all the tools needed to attain the piscatorial dreams of a wide range of angling types and target species.

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Orvis Safe Passage Guide Sling Bag

Orvis Packs & Bags

Carry your fishing gear conveniently with these fly-fishing packs. Made roomy with multiple compartments, these fishing chest packs, hip packs and slings are just what you need when heading out on the water. With a variety of fishing packs to choose from, any angler can find the right pack for every situation. Designed by anglers for anglers, these fishing packs have it all when it comes to functionality. Our line of fly packs makes storing fly boxes, forceps and leaders easy with sleek designs. If you spend a lot of time in a boat or in wet climates, the waterproof storage packs are ideal for keeping your fishing gear dry. These packs range in different sizes and dimensions, and come in a wide assortment of colors to suit all fishing needs. Discover comfort, style and functionality with these new fishing packs.

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