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Fluorocarbon Tippet


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HANÁK Competition fluorocarbon tippet is ideal for chasing spooky fish thanks to its revolutionary attributes. It is
almost invisible in the water and it sinks quickly as it is two times heavier than water. It doesn't stay lying on the surface and spook the fish. Fluorocarbon is denser and smoother than nylon, it does not soak up water and change its diameter, and it remains transparent. It is more durable and less elastic.

A proven top quality leader material in a cost-effective package. A blue rubber band prevents the tippet from tangling in your pocket or bag. The spools can be connected to each other.


Size Strength Diameter Spool size
7X 2.7lb / 1.2kg 0.104mm 50m or 150m
6X 3.5lb / 1.6kg 0.123mm 50m or 150m
5X 4.5lb / 2.0kg 0.145mm 50m or 150m
4X 5.5lb / 2.6kg 0.164mm 50m or 150m
3.5X 7lb / 3.2kg 0.183mm 50m or 150m
3X 8lb / 3.7kg 0.201mm 50m or 130m
2X 10lb / 4.4kg 0.220mm 50m or 110m
1X 12lb / 5.4kg 0.242mm 50m or 90m