Ross Eddy Fly Reels


Ross Eddy Reel

Affordable performance

A great value with features typically found in higher-priced reels makes the Ross Eddy™ a great starter reel, but also something to grow into, instead of out of. The large arbor design yields an excellent line retrieval rate while simultaneously helping to reduce the amount of line coil, or “memory.”

The Ross Eddy™ also features a proprietary AGP coating that ensures a lifetime of use in even the harshest of on-water conditions. The silky-smooth disc drag system is both reliable and strong, two things that are rarely found in a value-priced reel, putting the Ross Eddy™ in a class by itself.

Available in AGP Black.

Model Capacity (20lb Dacron) Weight Diameter Width
Eddy 3|4 WF3 + 65 yards 4.76 oz 2.91" 0.91"
Eddy 5|6 WF5 + 125 yards 5.68 oz 3.39" 1.22"
Eddy 7|8 WF7 + 125 yards 5.96 oz 3.7" 1.22"